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Through our experienced leaders, exceptional services, and transparent approach, we strive to help clients realize their desired objectives without compromising their comfort.

Extraordinary investments and experiences for extraordinary individuals, families, and institutions.

Steel Grove stands as a distinguished collection of remarkable individuals, united by their dedication, vision, and success. We are not just a wealth management firm; we're a holistic partner, aligning with those who share our values and seek tranquility for themselves, their enterprises, and future generations. Our relationships with clients and their families are profoundly deep, ensuring personalized service where each partner benefits from direct access to our entire team, including our founder and CEO.

Our approach is led by professional investors, making Steel Grove exceptional in the wealth management field. We boast an impressive investment team backed by a dedicated analytics team, providing superior investment insights and thorough analytics. Our unique position in the information chain grants us access to a network of exclusive professionals, from family offices to geopolitical experts and investment specialists. This extraordinary network not only provides early and innovative insights but also enhances our leverage and resourcefulness in partnerships.

Steel Grove offers unparalleled private investment opportunities, distinct from those found on typical platforms. Leveraging our network and connections, we provide exclusive investments with more favorable terms and conditions. Our rigorous due diligence and underwriting process, combined with portfolio manager access for our partners, further sets us apart, ensuring a unique and advantageous investment experience.

Steel Grove is extraordinary because we partner with extraordinary people. 

Advisory Services

Steel Grove has provided wealth advisory services to a specific client profile for decades. This deep experience uniquely positions Steel Grove to offer a variety of solutions from simple and straightforward to the most complex holistic wealth management needs.  

Steel Grove Family Office

  • Pre-Transaction Planning
  • Estate and Tax Planning
  • Strategic Wealth Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Credit & Lending Advisory
  • Insurance Advisory
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Budgeting
  • Philanthropy Advisory
  • Next Generation Education
  • Lifestyle Resources, Health, and Wellbeing

Steel Grove Wealth

  • Wealth Services
  • Distinctive Investment Management
  • Asset Allocation Philosophy
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Unique Access to Entrepreneurial Private Investments
  • Investment Transparency and Reporting

Steel Grove Asset Management

  • Our Investment Management History
  • Steel Grove Asset Management Strategies
  • Steel Grove Equity Income Strategy
  • Steel Grove Tactical Growth
  • Steel Grove / Worthington Convergence Fund

Steel Grove Strategy

  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Next Generation Coaching and Education

Select Client Profiles


First-Generation Entrepreneur

Your Story:

  • Family-owned private company.
  • Completed an IPO.
  • Grew to Fortune 100 Company.
  • Planning for the next generation.
  • icon-shaking-hands

    PE-Backed Entrepreneur

    Your Story:

  • Owns and operates several businesses.
  • Plans to sell a business.
  • Needs tax and estate planning, investment, and philanthropy advice.
  • icon-seated

    Multi-Gen Business Owner

    Your Story:

  • Family-owned business that became a global brand.
  • Family experienced multiple liquidity events.
  • Third- and fourth-generation shareholders.
  • icon-cloud

    Technology Entrepreneur

    Your Story:

  • Built and sold technology company that aggregates consumers and contractors.
  • Took time off to spend with family.
  • Planning to build next company.
  • icon-hand-plant

    Private Equity Partner

    Your Story:

  • Created wealth by running private equity firm.
  • Multiple GP carried interest and in need of consolidated reporting.
  • Unique risk and asset allocation needs.
  • icon-building

    Institutions and Foundations

    Your Story:

  • An organization with the need to preserve the financial corpus and generate cashflow to achieve the mission of the organization.
  • Work with investment team to define solutions to meet objective and construct an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Fiduciary partnership for investment strategy, portfolio implementation, and a regular communication rhythm.
  • A Holistic Process to Wealth Management

    Steel Grove uses an extensive, holistic process for clients to provide peace of mind and assurances that they will achieve their goals and aspirations. The Steel Grove holistic process is much more than a typical diversified market allocation. It is a rigid process to discover all a client’s needs, to provide top-in-class solutions, to make optimal investments, and to manage the relationship with extraordinary service.



    Holistic Family and Financial Deep Dive


    Finaicial Dashboard Development


    Asset Allocation Analysis


    Investment Portfolio Implementation


    Bespoke Reporting & Communication Rhythm

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